VGO - Video Game Orchestra

VGO, founded by a Berklee College of Music alumni Shota Nakama, is an orchestra that performs contemporary arrangements of video game music. As the first and only New England based orchestra that focuses on showcasing interactive media compositions, VGO is dedicated to provide access and raise awareness of orchestral video game-related compositions. Comprised of a chamber orchestra, a 5-piece rock band, and a choir, the regional and international award-winning musicians come from over 20 countries. This multi-cultural diversity background contributes to the unique sonic signature of VGO. VGO's debut concert was on July 2008 in front of about 200 people at a small Boston chapel. Since then, the success and audience number have been growing along the way. The latest concerts at PAX East 2010 won VGO an acclaim for our outstanding performance from the 7500 people who were at the concert.

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